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6. Closing, March 19 - March 25 2012


Week 11

Learning Circle teachers and students complete Survey and post a goodbye message.
Official closing of the Learning Circle by facilitator. 

Students and Teachers Survey 





EFS 1: KA Erasmus, De Pinte, Belgium



Dear fellow participants! After several weeks of hard work, concentrating, blood, sweat and tears we have reached the final destination of our project !

This was a great interactive and intercultural experience for all of us ! We started off knowing barely nothing about all of your cultures and people and we are now totally bullet proof towards your culture!


During this project we learned a lot about the different cultures and about their environment.

This was also a good chance for us to get more acquainted with all of you!


First of all we want to thank you for making this project so interesting and attractive to our pupils.

Special thanks to Bob Hofman for the clear instructions and guidance throuhout the project !


We also want to thank our own pupils for the hard work and study- in addition to "the normal lessons". During several weeks they have thouroughly practised their English language and did a lot of reasearch on environmental problems. They have discussed these problems with each other and reached for solutions together! The results were outstanding!


For the past few months we have shared our different opnions and different experiences! This has been so lovely !

We are definitely looking forward to the 20th of April ! Then we can continue our conversation in real life!


We also want to thank Cunina, who introduced us for this beautiful project. We have a special attention for Cunina on our meeting of 04/20. To be continued!










EFS 2: Sint-Aloysiusinstituut 1, Geel, Belgium



Greetings from 2 MWB to all the participants!


We really liked to be part of the learning circle. It has been hard work during this lessons but when we see what all the participants have achieved in these weeks, it is really amazing. The project was really interesting because we learned about different cultures and schools. It was nice that the project existed of different commands and we learned a lot of skills in an integrated manner; we developed our English, our computer skills, social skills...


Finding a question was the difficult part. We enjoyed most the introduction and the research. Because of the exams we didn't succeed in doing the summaries, but we'll finish it this week.


       -> during the exams!!


We are really looking forward to the meeting in Brielle and we're sorry to hear that the students of Almelo can't be there. So we hope the skypemeeting will succeed.


After this project we realise that we can still do a lot to protect the environment and that there are a lot of differences in schools and countries. By doing research on eco-friendly schools we have also learnt more about our school and country; how much we still waste and what we can still do to protect mother earth.


Special thanks to all who make this project possible!






EFS 3: St Mary's University, Class 1, Bayombong, Philippines


To our beloved GTP Family,



            Marian Greetings!


            Just like the yin-yang, good and bad things exist side by side, every beginning must come with an end. And unfortunately, we have reached the end of the road, and for us here in the Philippines, we have also reached the end of our school year. And before we temporarily leave school for summer in preparation for our Senior Year, we would like to say a couple of things:


  • ·        SORRY

It seems as though that our class most of the time submits our outputs here rather late, and sometimes there were posts where we were not able to update, and to those, we apologize.


  • ·        THANK YOU

For having have welcomed us with open arms, for always understanding us in our schedules, for allowing us to be a part of this family, for the exchange of knowledge, the joys, the experiences, the memories, we thank you.


            We would also like to share with you some of the success that we have garnered.


  1. Our recognition day was on March 30, it was during this day that awards are given to the students who have won in contests or have done well in academics. And we are happy to say that the top students for our year level came from our class, who is Denise Basilio. And that all of us representatives has made it to the top 20. 
  2. Next school year, Deia, Denise, and Marc (3 of the representatives) ; and Yumiko and Joannah (2 of our classmates) will be part of the Student Council of our school after winning the positions they applied for via the votes of the student body. And that Deia Bruno will be leading them as chairman (highest position possible). 
  3. And also, we want to share with you our success here on this GTP project, for without you all, this wouldn't be what it is today.  


     As of now, we don’t know what will be happening in the future, we don’t know if new students will be added to this group the next time or if we will be replaced, but nonetheless, we would still want to join and be a part of this project again.

It would also be really nice if you won’t forget about us, for we know that all of you will forever remain in our hearts even though we have not actually “met” you.


     We can't summarize how much fun this has been for us for words can never describe how we feel. We hope that we can all meet each other one day again. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! :D

     And also to those whose school years are not yet finished, we hope that all of you will keep up the good work you've already started! We hope that all of you are doing well in your studies!


Well...we guess.... this is goodbye...







........ for now. ;)



EFS3, Saint Mary's University, Researchers


(A glimpse of the entire class of Researchers)


The Boys: (with our dearest beloved class adviser and mother, Ms. Elsa Cajucom - lady on the right- and other teachers)


The Girls:



(The pictures above were taken during our first Junior-Senior Promenade, February 17)



On behalf of our school and our section, we thank you!

Marc Peru, Denise Basilio, Chantal Tayaban, Micah Calip, Deia Bruno, Aleksis Sarmiento

(The representatives)


Mrs. Aireen Santos and Mr. Noli Navarro

(The coordinators)


Ms. Elsa Cajucom

(The Class adviser)


Dr. Samuel Soliven

(The School Principal)


EFS 4: St Mary's University, Class 2, Bayombong, Philippines




Greetings from Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya!


We are so thankful for being part of the GTP.  We had fun in formulating our questions as well as reading your answers not only to our school but to the other school as well.  It’s good to know that there are still people who do something in order to help our world be in a better state.  We have learned  a lot from your answers and we will try to follow your examples.


Interacting with students from different parts of the world was a really  really  great experience  none of us would ever forget.  We hope to see you all in person, so that we can share some more ideas.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!


FROM :  Trina Aduca,  Hilary Velasco,  Iris Isip, Jenny Bayatan , Leo Arcangel, Gian Viernes and the III- Investigators Class 2011 – 2012


Our gratitude and deep appreciation go to the wonderful people behind this GTP!


To Sir Bob and Mam Elke, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be a part of the GTP. We learned a lot from the different schools especially their practices and contributions in saving the environment. This shows that all of us are really working hand in hand to reduce if not to eliminate these environmental problems.  We salute each and every one for all the efforts done in this GTP.


       To our dear friends from the different participating schools, thank you so much for your wonderful answers. To the administration of our school especially to our dear principal, Dr. Samuel R. Soliven, for his guidance and support during the conduct of this GTP especially his assistance during the formulation of questions.  

        To Madam Arlene for helping us post the answers of our students, thank you so much.  Maraming salamat sa inyo.(Thank you so much.)


         To the following  authors whose books we have referred to for the enrichment of our responses to the different questions, our gratitude.

  1. Rabago, Lilia et al. (Dynamic Science) 
  2. Aurora Villamil (Integrated Science)
  3. DENR (Pamphlet on Climate Change)


                             More power!







EFS 5: St Theresa's College, Class 1, Cebu, Philippines



After around four months of working and doing our best to share and exchange our knowledge and opinions about the state of our environment, we have finally reached the finish line of the Global Teenager Project for this school year. Indeed, it has been a very memorable and enjoyable learning experience for all of us and for that, we sincerely extend our heartfelt gratitude to the GTP Team, to each country and school involved, for sharing your  ideas and thoughts with us and for giving us a chance to be part of the Global Teenager Project. Learning is extensive. It is far – reaching. For the past few months, we have shared our different opinions and beliefs on the environment. We have shared our knowledge and we got to learn significant facts that could help us grow as better individuals. With this program, we have developed a great perspective in life. To a great extent, we have learned and we value it as it enriches our life. Overall, this encounter with the Global Teenager Project has given way to possibilities of creating a meaningful and peaceful connection with the people from all over the world. Thank you very much GTP!


EFS 6: St Theresa's College, Class 2, Cebu, Philippines




                                     "Man's feelings are always the purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell...”


Our dearest friends, colleagues, and teachers, it has truly been a great opportunity for us to be a part of the Global Teenage Project  circle.  From start to finish, we have been fascinated by the fact that this project enables us to bring together different kinds of people from different backgrounds.


We had a splendid time knowing more about your school, your fellow students and teachers, and your community. All of you have become such an inspiration to us to be more conscious about our envirmonment. You have been a part of the list of people that We have learned so much with your answers. Through this, we have develpoed a certain bond which honestly is hard to let go. It’s  been a wonderful time doing this kind project.   



EFS 7: St Theresa's College, Class 3, Cebu, Philippines








EFS 8: CSG Noordik, Almelo, The Netherlands



Dear collegues, students and other participants,


We've enjoyed the learning circle. We thought it was special to work together with people from all over the world. Thanks to  all the participating groups for their information, fanatism and good work. Sebastian and me are going to put a lot of time in our school musical "Beauty and the Beast" for the next few weeks. The students are at the end of their trimester, and they will prepare for their exams. So for them, it's the end of the learling circle and the beginning of the regular prepartions and lessons to get some good marks.


So thank you all and greetings from "Het Noordik",


Aukje, Sebastiaan and Simon.


Below you'll see the last greet from our students who've put a lot of effort in this project.











EFS 9: Maerlant College - Brielle, The Netherlands



Dear friends,


That’s what we think we can call you after all these months of exchanging information, knowledge and experience. We have enjoyed  working on the assignments within the program. For us it has been a complete different way of learning . Gathering and incorporating information dealing with the environment made us so much more aware of the place we live. Your contributions about the environmental situation in other parts of the world were eye openers for us. We thank you for your cooperation and for the role you played in our learning process.


Rik Bakker, Rob van Holt and students of class 2VG1 Maerlant College, Brielle    





EFS 10: Sint-Aloysiusinstituut 2, Geel, Belgium







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