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2. Introductions, January 09 - January 15 2012


Week 1
Official opening of the Learning Circle with the facilitator’s welcome message. Teacher and students introduce themselves by posting a Class letter, Teacher letter and a Class picture on the introduction pages.   


Links to introductions of each class



EFS1 KA Erasmus, De Pinte, Belgium - Mrs. Lien van Acker  Mrs Evelyne Catry
EFS2 Sint-Aloysiusinstituut 1, Geel, Belgium - Mrs. Carine Van den Eijnde
EFS3 St Mary's University, Class 1, Bayombong, Philippines - Mrs. Aireen O. Santos & Mr. Noli Mar M. Navarro
EFS4 St Mary's University, Class 2, Bayombong, Philippines - Mrs. Fe T. Lumogdang & Mr. Melencio G. Bernardino,
EFS5 St Theresa's College, Class 1, Cebu, Philippines - Mrs. Rachelle Mae Racal
EFS6 St Theresa's College, Class 2, Cebu, Philippines - Mrs. Ruby Anne Asumbrado
EFS7 St Theresa's College, Class 3, Cebu, Philippines - Ms. Marnie Racaza

CSG Noordik, Almelo, The Netherlands - Mrs. Aukje Hoogwijk-Prins & Mr. Sebastiaan Pol & Mr. Simon Withaar

EFS9 Maerlant College - Brielle, The Netherlands - Mr. Rob van Holt & Mr. Rik Bakker
EFS10 Sint-Aloysiusinstituut 2, Geel, Belgium - Mr. Alessandro Fontana
Fas Facilitators introduction page - Mrs. Ria Kattevilder and Mr. Bob Hofman



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Sebastiaan Pol said

at 10:51 am on Feb 22, 2012

Hi all,

This week we will post the remaining introduction movies of our students. I took some time to overcome some problems! We all hope you will enjoy the movies!



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