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Sint-Aloysiusinstituut, Geel, Belgium

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Our School:


Hello, we' re from the Sint-Aloysiusinstitute in Geel.

We 're a school with about 700 pupils and about 80 teachers.  Our school gives some different school studies; Latin, Greeks-Latin, modern science, social and technical training, office supply sales and care, agriculture and hort culture, trade.


Our patron saint is called St. Aloysius. He took care for the sick and the dignified burial of the poor. When the plague was raging in Rome. he did not drop the sick, but he helped them. He himself became ill and died.



Our day consists of 7 times 50 minutes. In the morning we have a break of 15 minutes, at noon lunch break for one hour and in the afernoon  a break of 10 minutes. Here is an example of the timetable : 

We have different classrooms ; local history, Music class, science classroom, laboratory, … Here are some pictures of the rooms.


In our school you can practise sports at noon: football, badminton, volleyball, etc.

There are animals in our school : chickens.  There also fly a lot of gulls above our school.


We do different projects in our school, here are some examples :
Healthy day: This Friday (20 Jan) is the day healthy. We will do workshops and have a healthy meal.
Others: Agriculture Day, Greek day, World Fair Trade Day, 'cultures around the WALLS' day,

'thick sweater' day, Carnival
St. Aloysius sponsors Cunina and BD.

And once a month you can buy chocolates, sesame bars, nougat and you can also buy drinks from Oxfam.  





Belgium is a trilingual country, they are speaking French, Dutch and German. Here we have 11,007,020 inhabitants with a population density of 360.6 / km ².

typical Belgian food:

Typical Belgian food is French fries, beer and chocolate, we usually eat in the evening hot (potatoes, pizza, lasagna, Fries)



Belgian "seafood" pralines.Belgian chocolate enjoys a worldwide reputation. This owes in large measure to a tradition, a strict law for the production managed to enforce. Remain so - even since a European directive the use of 5% vegetable fats that are not derived from cocoa butter allows - the most traditional chocolate manufacturers claim of "100% cocoa butter 'loyalty. The quality of this chocolate is guaranteed by the state founded by the Belgian label "Ambao".

Another specialty is Belgian beer, especially abbey (eg of the Abbey of Orval Abbey of Leffe, Abbey of Hoegaarden, St-Feuillien, Saint Sixtus Abbey in Westvleteren or Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy) and specialty, such as cherry lambic, Gueuze, Ketje (Brussels specialty), Framboise (raspberry lambic), Faro Lambic or Aerts. Although Belgium is a small country, it has a large number of beers (over 1,000) and a wide range of styles. Almost every beer has its own glass, which can have very varied forms.


The most important monuments here are ‘Manneke Pis’ and the atomium.


The Atomium represents the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1958, known as Expo 58, as a symbol for the metal "iron" that rapid development was a major factor in the optimistic view of development in the fifties. It has centered cubic spatial structure, such as pure iron at room temperature and under atmospheric pressure. Strangely enough, the building decided that the bulbs not steel, but aluminum had to be made. This material was previously also an emerging material. It is not known exactly why this decision was taken, but it would have had to do it, that aluminum at that time was considerably more resistant to corrosion than steel. The building had been scheduled for more than six months remain. At the end of the World was decided the building, which is extremely popular and was known to leave anyway.


Country location

Our country is located in Central Europe






our class 

We have a class pumpkin and he is called pompidoe. We are  students of modern science and our class is composed of five classes of the first years of modern science. We have 14 different subjects : Dutch ,  maths , history , geography , biology  , religious education , physical education , technology , scientific work, , French, music, computer science and socio-economic initiatives.


We are students from the St. Aloysiusinstitute in Geel. We are with 22 students in our class.  We are all between 13 and 14 years old and we are with 9 girls and 13 boys. 

Feyha, Lieze, Elise, Renée, Joke, Toon
Miss Van den Eijnde, Yoni, Alina, Pauline, Anout
Celine, Injas, Ben, Bert, Zico, Jeroen, Sibe
Yves, Ot, Dylan, Mattias    



head teacher

The name of our class teacher is Carine Van den Eijnde. She is 48 years old. Her birthday is on 1 June. She is married and has two children, Jonathan (19 years old) and  Julie (17). She lives in Tessenderlo. She teaches Dutch and Religion. She is creative, she likes cooking and baking, travelling, reading, spending time with her family and gardening; especially growing vegetables. She 's got 2 cats, ducks, chicken, rabbits, guinea-pigs and a lot of birds. Her favourite food is pasta, fries with steak and mushroom sauce, chocolates. She likes listening to music, popmusic and her favourite group is Muse. Her favourite colours are red and black. So far for Mrs. Van den Eijnde.



Hello , we are from Geel  . Our school is in the Centre of Geel.

the flag of Geel the town hall of Geel    the station


We are famous for our  “ mentally ill “  over the whole world. We’re giving them psychological help.

 OPZ Geel for mentally ill people King Damon beheaded his daughter Saint Dymphna


We have a cinema and also a cultural Centre. And a nice swimming pool.

In Geel we have a lot of cultural activities, like Geelamania our swimming pool


We have some soccer team that’s playing in third class.

In Belgium you have much frying stalls.

Some of them are nominated  for best frying stalls of Belgium.

  In Geel we have the best black pudding of whole Belgium.


We 've got twelve parishes in Geel. 






Comments (7)

Aireen said

at 8:03 am on Jan 26, 2012

hi friends from Geel! Our class is here at the internet laboratory at the moment enjoying reading the information about you all and your country. We study the history of European nations like Belgium in oiur World History class. You're making everything easier and for real for us. Thanks a lot. Today we are celebrating the birthday of our dear F. Gerry, a CICM priest from your country. Nice to have finally met you all!

From: Saint Mary's University Class 1 of Bayombong

Elke Vandamme said

at 11:22 am on Jan 19, 2012

Hi there, love the introduction. You made me curious about the story behind pumpkin pompidoe and how black pudding from Geel tastes like.

Bob Hofman said

at 8:22 am on Jan 19, 2012

Thanks for your introductions from Geel... I really like the special thematic days in your school.
Hope to visit your school and get to know you soon (maybe on 02-02-2012 after my visit to Cunina, just before noon at the end of your French lesson)
We're looking forward to see your class's lesson in the question page :-)

Ms. Marnie Demetria Racaza said

at 8:21 am on Jan 19, 2012

Hey, we really find your foods very delicious and we are hoping that someday we would be able to taste your food. From Ambientalista, STC- Young CIA, Cebu, Philippines.

Ms. Marnie Demetria Racaza said

at 7:58 am on Jan 19, 2012

From Saint Theresa's College Cebu, Philippines - Evergreen of the Young CIA workshop
We would like to learn more about your place and culture. It seems very interesting. We hope to visit there soon! :)

Ms. Marnie Demetria Racaza said

at 7:53 am on Jan 19, 2012

From: Francis Green - Young CIA, Saint Theresa's College, Philippines

Hello there! Everything about your introduction was very interesting. Who knew you had the best black pudding!? We've never tasted that before. Like your teacher, we also like the band Muse. We also like cats. Your class pumpkin looks awesome. We want to have a class pumpkin, too! We would want to visit your place soon. We look forward to seeing your pictures!

Eliane Metni said

at 3:35 pm on Dec 13, 2011

Welcome in GTP Alessandro and Carine,
We look forward to knowing more about your town. It sure has an interesting name which triggers my curiosity!
Enjoy your workshop,

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