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St Theresa's College, Class 2, Cebu, Philippines

Page history last edited by Mrs. Ruby Anne Asumbrado 12 years, 4 months ago



Philippines: Our Country


  7107 islands of beauty, history and culture – that is the Philippines. Being a tropical archipelago on the southeastern part of Asia, the country boasts of a wide array of natural resources, fascinating landscapes, picturesque beaches and more one-of-a-kind attractions that are wonders to behold, thus earning its name as the Pearl of the Orient. This is why the Philippines has long been a destination not only for tourists looking for a good time but as well as those who have an appreciation for the beauty and history that abounds in the country.  But what truly makes the Philippines one of a kind is its people. Filipinos are a true blend of cultures, having been formerly colonized by the Spanish, Americans and Japanese, and are naturally lovely, happy, creative and hospitable people.





Cebu: Our Province



Located at the belly button of the Philippine archipelago and the heart of the Central Visayas region, Cebu consists of the island of Cebu and 167 other islands divided into 6 cities and 47 municipalities. Formerly known as Sugbo, it is home to native and exotic cuisines; amenities of a growing metropolis; attractions that cater to the adventurous sun worshipper and history lover; and the prisoners who danced Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and the world-famous Sinulog Festival in honor of the Senor Santo Nino de Cebu’ which we are currently celebrating. The province of Cebu is a unique blend of tropical paradise and business haven, thus it basks its enviable status as the most popular tourist and business destination in the country. Metro Cebu, its premier city, dubbed famously as the “Queen City of the South’, is an important regional center that has set the pace of the development in the Visayas and Mindanao. Despite being highly modernized, Cebu has retained traces of colonial heritage.




 St. Theresa's College - Cebu: Our School


      At the heart of Metro Cebu is St. Theresa’s College, a premier Catholic school founded in 1933 and run by the missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (ICM) and was formerly dedicated to the education of girls but has recently become inclusive for boys. This institution conducts Kindergarten, Preparatory, Grade School, High School and College departments.  Conscious of present-day realities prevalent in the Philippines and in the world, St. Theresa’s College is committed to providing its students transformative education.  This is an institution that enables its students to let virtue, science and the arts flourish in their lives as well as in other people.


                                       The Missionary spirit of the Foundress, Mother Marie Louise De Meester, permeates the whole program of education of the institution. The spirit is characterized by sincere love of God, loyalty to the church, a great respect for the dignity of the person, and a genuine personal concern and involvement in the lives of the people, especially the needy. 







The A-Team



(Top row-from left to right: May Joy Daquipil, May Jane Daquipil, Ianne Ortiz, Kate Marie Butaya, Kyle Marie Butaya, Denise Louise Ball)

(Middle Row - left to right: Glenalu Deiparine, Stephy Villordon, Kara Nadine Barriga, Aljenne Nicole Ambos, Marsheila Rose Gamallo, Pollyanna Suerte, Jessica May Dacanay, Mme. Ruby Anne Asumbrado)

(Bottom row-left to right: Riana Untal, Kristian Dakay, Nicole Sumergido, Janelle Pudpud, Nichole Marie Salang, Lira Mae Pacaldo)

The A-Team is one of the enrichment programs for selected students in our school.  It is designed to widen the students’ interest in the Social Studies subject and to maximize the abilities of the students.  It also aims to further stimulate their logical and critical thinking.  It serves as a venue for them to experience advance-level enrichment exercises, nurture their interest and engage themselves in different activities that will prepare them for future challenges.







(From left to right: Stephy Villordon, Glenalu Deiparine, Ianne Ortiz, Riana Untal, Kristian Dakay, Nicole Sumergido, Janelle Pudpud)


Stephy Villordon


My name is Stephy

And one day, I hope to leave a heritage


Glenalu Deiparine 


Glen is what you can call me

I'm a free spirit and a dreamer


Ianne Ortiz 

Riana Untal 


Riana is my name.

I always keep my head in the game. 


Kristian Dakay 


I am Kristian and I love nature.

I always looks for adventure

Nicole Sumergido 


I am Nicole and I want to fly

up above the big blue sky


Janelle Pudpud


Hey, I'm Janelle and I can't tell

how much I love to travel.









(From left to right: Denise Louise Ball, Marsheila Rose Gamallo, Kate Marie Butaya, Jessica May Dacanay, Kyle Marie Butaya, Aljenne Nicole Ambos, Pollyanna Suerte)


Seven girls, seven desires, one common goal: TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. We, The Green Squad, are Junior Year students of Saint Theresa’s College-Cebu who are passionate about saving the environment. We hope to be able to make an impact in nature by the simple acts we do in our day-to-day activities. But aside from that, we are naturally fun-loving people who love to have a good time and like making new friends. We hope to share as much information about the Philippine ecosystems as we can and in turn, we hope to learn as much information from you too!



Kyle Marie R. Butaya

Kyle is a playful 16-year old girl with a passion for cute animals. Her heart especially softens whenever she sees a cute little guinea pig since she once had it as a pet.


Marsheila Rose C. Gamallo

Marsheila is a 15-year old girl whose height is mostly associated with the majestic trees in nature. She loves to uncover the untold secrets of mother earth hasn’t revealed yet.


Kate Marie R. Butaya

Kate is a gentle 16-year old girl who shares the same passion for tiny critters with her twin, Kyle. Both of them show love for Mother Nature by strongly professing their disagreement on animal abuse.


Denise Louise R. Ball

Denise is a dashing 16-year old girl whose beauty is as unique as the creatures that walk the surface of the earth. Most of the times, you can catch her asking questions about...


Pollyanna B. Suerte

Pollyanna is a 15-year old girl who is easily awed by the small wonders of nature. She is strongly against the destruction of habitats of animals such as forests and other ecosystems.


Jessica May G. Dacanay

Jessica is a 15-year old girl who really loves pandas.  She is very conscious on her water & paper consumption for she thinks that the wasteful use of these contribute greatly to the destruction of the environment.


Aljenne Nicole S. Ambos

Aljenne is a 15-year old girl who believes that as nature is very well-organized and well planned, so should her lifestyle be. She also believes that we should take care of mother earth as much as she does.




(From left to right: May Joy Daquipil, Nichole Marie Salang, Kara Nadine Barriga, Lira Mae Pacaldo, May Jane Daquipil)


     Mabuhay! We would first like to introduce ourselves as a group. We are composed mainly of the seven enthusiastic girls studying in St. Theresa’s College, one of the prestigious schools here in Cebu City, Philippines. We hope that through this experience, we would be able too garner more knowledge about the various worldwide issues and concerns. Even if we cannot see each other face-to-face, we hope that this would not hinder us from becoming closer to each other in order to open the diverse thoughts and queries that have been buried inside our minds.


     We wish that through this simple way of communication, all of us may gradually be molded into better individuals and global leaders of tomorrow!


Marie Nichole Salang

Aspiring woman leader


Kara Nadine Barriga

Dreamer. Believer. Achiever.


Vilma Antonette Prado

Born to be a singer


Lira Mae Pacaldo

Enthusiastic learner



Teacher Introduction


To our Learning Circle partners! I'm Mrs. Ruby Anne Asumbrado and I am the teacher moderator of the A-TEAM...I am the girls' Social Studies teacher. I love school and I enjoy the dynamism of the students in my class. Me and my A-Team group are excited to be working with our friends from Bayombong, Netherlands and Belgium....:)







Comments (14)

Mrs. Ruby Anne Asumbrado said

at 2:31 am on Mar 16, 2012

Thanks Bob!....its Summer here in the Philippines already and school is off and the kids are on having their break....but we will still meet for our closing :)

Bob Hofman said

at 10:48 am on Mar 12, 2012

Hi Super teams from STC Class 2 and Mrs. Ruby Anne Asumbrado for posting the last answers... good team work!
We are happy to read what your have learned from the answers received...and feel that collaboration with the other school broadend your horizon.
And yes, we have only one world... so we all own the planet beeing Eco friendly.
Many greetings from Holland where spring has arrived --> http://photos.igougo.com/photos/journal/pref/thmb_keuk1_prefRes.jpg

Ms. Marnie Demetria Racaza said

at 8:14 am on Jan 19, 2012

Evergreen of Young CIA, Saint Theresa's College Cebu - Go A-Team! Keep learning and fighting for nature.

Simon Withaar said

at 12:42 am on Jan 13, 2012

I like this circle allready! What a nice introduction.. As a geography teacher i really like reading this. I'll show it to my students tomorrow!

Evelyne said

at 5:49 pm on Jan 11, 2012

Is that a promise Ruby?! I would LOOOOOOVE to come!

Mrs. Ruby Anne Asumbrado said

at 2:51 pm on Jan 11, 2012

Hi Elke! Thank you....how are you? We here in STC Cebu wished that you are here now in our place.....the city is in the feastive mood....we will send pictures of our celebration to attract you to come back to visit us again :-)

Mrs. Ruby Anne Asumbrado said

at 2:48 pm on Jan 11, 2012

Thanks Eliane...same here we look forward interacting with the rest of the circle

Mrs. Ruby Anne Asumbrado said

at 2:46 pm on Jan 11, 2012

Hi Bob! My students would surely be so happy to read the positive comments that the group has written.....for sure they would love the idea :-)

Mrs. Ruby Anne Asumbrado said

at 2:44 pm on Jan 11, 2012

Evelyne: we would be glad to show you the Filipino hospitality :-)

Elke Vandamme said

at 9:55 am on Jan 11, 2012

What a creative introduction. It's lovely meeting your country, school and each one of you! Girl power! :-)

Evelyne said

at 9:28 am on Jan 11, 2012

Nice idea, Bob, they are very welcome to visit!

Eliane Metni said

at 10:47 am on Jan 10, 2012

What a lovely introduction of your country, school and yourselves in your teams. Looking forward to knowing you further through this LC! Keep it up!

Bob Hofman said

at 10:26 am on Jan 10, 2012

Whooh well done A-team.. really gives a good impression of your country, city, school and team :-)
And for Janelle.. I love to travel too; first ideas for a visit to the Philippines (and educational expedition) in 2013 are bubbling up.
Wouldn't it be super to then before or after have a delegation from Philippines visiting Belgium and The Netherlands?
Remember that dreams can be realized.. step by step.. have a super day, greetings Bob

Evelyne said

at 8:15 am on Jan 10, 2012

I immediately want to come to your lovely country! Evelyne

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