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Questions Bayombong

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3. Questions, January 16 - January 29 2012


Week 2-3
Each class formulates a question related to the Learning Circle theme, according to the criteria for a quality sponsored question.  


Please read Powerful Questions





EFS 1: - Nolimar - Korea

Question:  Do you find it worthy to protect or preserve your culture? Why?


EFS 2: Fe - Japan


What superstistious beliefs do you have in your Country? Mention at least 3 .


-  Are these superstistious beliefs still practiced today?

- What is the impact of these beliefs on your daily life


EFS 3: Aireen - Iraq

Question: What are the three most popular festivities in your country?

- Please describe the background/ nature of the festivities

- How do these festivities influence your life?




EFS 4: Arlene - India


Which cultural values identify you as a nation

- mention three  and rank them in the order of importance

- describe how these cultural values are put into action in daily life


EFS 5: Erwin - Cambodia

Main Question: What is the opinions in your class on same-sex marriage versus traditional marriage?

Sub Questions:
1. How are same sex couples treated in your community

2. How does religion looks towards same-sex marriage?






EFS 6: Essel - Tailand


How has modernization affected the survival of cultural values in modern society?

Sub Question:
1. mention and rank 3 values that disappeared

2. mention and rank 3 values that survived


EFS 7: Melencio - China


How does your culture influences your daily life as students in terms of?

- food

- arts

- music

- recreation






EFS 8:Samuel - USA

Question: Why are there poor and rich countries?

Sub questions:

1. Which criteria are presently used as standard to indicate if a country is rich/poor?

2. Which criteria would you like to use/ add?
3. What are your feelings towards the fact there are poor/rich countries? 




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