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Questions Cebu

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3. Questions, January 16 - January 29 2012


Week 2-3
Each class formulates a question related to the Learning Circle theme, according to the criteria for a quality sponsored question.  


Please read Powerful Questions





EFS 1: KA Erasmus, De Pinte, Belgium





EFS 2: Sint-Aloysiusinstituut, Geel, Belgium






EFS 3: St Mary's University, Class 1, Bayombong, Philippines





EFS 4: St Mary's University, Class 2, Bayombong, Philippines





EFS 5: St Theresa's College, Class 1, Cebu, Philippines


Does your spiritual belief contribute to your personal growth? If so, name 3 specific ways. If not, why is it so?





EFS 6: St Theresa's College, Class 2, Cebu, Philippines


Mention one cultural practice in your country that is influenced by your religion. Describe the role of religion in the example given. 





EFS 7: CSG Noordik, Almelo, The Netherlands


Are people in your country discriminated because of a different religious belief?
What was it like in the past? in the present?
Predict what would it be like in the future.



EFS 8: Maerlant College - Brielle, The Netherlands


Does your religious leaders have a say in the formulation of laws in your society? If yes, cite one law that is grealtly influenced by these leaders. 








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