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Sint-Aloysiusinstituut, Geel, Belgium 2

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Our school St. Aloysius



Our school is called St. Aloysius Institute and is located in the city

of Geel. We have a large playground. Our school has 735 pupils, including 437 girls and 298 boys. These are spread across 41 classes. 86 teachers in our school to give lessons. Each class has a class teacher.








 Our class 2 MW e




Hello everybody!
Here is 2MWE from Sint-Aloysius  (:
Our class has 22 students:
Marie, Magalie, Niels, Amber, Britny, Nele, Laura, Jens, Caya, Silke, Ralph, Klied, Leen, Chee Lung, Emma, Nore, Fien, Cis, Tahnee, Viktor, Jochen, Tibo
and our class teacher Mr. Fontana.

We follow modern sciences and we have 32 hours l essons in a week.






Mr Fontana


Our class teacher Mr. Fontana is the best teacher at the school. He is still very young and very spontaneous. He has lots of humor.

He has two nationalities, Belgian and Italian. His father is Italian and his mother is Belgian, he is bilingual. He was born in 1982.
He always went to school here as a student
. He studied in Leuven, a big city in Belgium. At age 22 he started as a teacher. He gives Dutch and history lessons.
At a
ge 18 he got his drivers' license, he does not have a girlfriend, and does not want children (yet?).
He is a very nice teacher.
He was in the St. Aloysius Scouts and was also a leader till he was 25 years old.






Belgium is a small charming country in Western Europe. Our capital is Brussels with the monument the atomium. In our country we eat very much like French fries. Our neighboring countries are: France, Germany, Luxembourg and Netherlands. Our country is three speaking Dutch, French and German. Our country borders the North Sea. We are currently with eleven million inhabitants and our country is about 30 500 km².










‘Geel ‘  is known for its hospitality and mercy. And is a very cultural city. ‘Geel’ has approximately 30,000 inhabitants and there are many merchants among them which there is a lot of trade. The origin of the Geelse care culture comes through an event or earlier said a legend. By the legend of the Holy Saint Dymphna. That goes as follows ... Once upon a time there was an Irish King who lived together with his wife and daughter in a large Castle in Ireland. But unfortunately died the wife of the King and he was crazy! He was unable to stop his sentences and are pitched by. One day he asked his daughter in marriage but she said no, of course, and the King remained but insist until she fled along with the priest Gerebernus the sea and so came to in Geel. They went to live in a modest hut along with Gerebernus Created in. A ' zotteke ' van Geel was also Bavo good friends with Saint Dymphna and many children also came to play a lot with her.





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Ms. Marnie Demetria Racaza said

at 7:43 am on Jan 19, 2012

We are the Ecoprentice of Francis' Oasis :)

We learned a lot from your introduction. Your place is very interesting! We would like to visit you there someday and perhaps, we could eat FRENCH FRIES together! :D

from your friends from the Philippines:
Jeannine, Danica, Ezza, Elizabeth, Hope, Thirza, Cassy, Kara

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