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News 0: Preparation

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logo GTP Constant ContactThe Global Teenager Project  

Newsletter of the Learning Circle Eco Friendly Schools

Phase 1: Preparation  
Wednesday January 4th 2012
Dear Learning Circle participants, 

We wish you a Happy and Healthy 2012 and welcome you to Learning Circle
Eco Friendly Schools January 2012.

Newsletter Content
  • agenda for the week
  • important information
  • quick links
Agenda for the week
The agenda for the week is to:
  • receive an invitation email from your facilitator to join the Learning Circle (done)
  • accept your facilitator's invitation to become a member of the Learning Circle (done)
  • post a test message to test the Learning Circle wiki platform  
Important Information
  • Please click the Edit button and post a test message on the Test Messages page 
  • don't forget to click save after compliting your postings
  • if you have questions or problems please e-mail the LC facilitator
  • you can download the LC Teacher Guide and the Wiki Guide from the following URL               http://www.globalteenager.org/?q=node/453 

The next newsletter will arrive on Monday January 9th to kick off the introduction phase.

Have a good week and enjoy, greetings Elke, Ria and Bob  

Quick Links
Global Teenager Project Website
Link to the EFS Wiki
Link to the Weekly Overview in the wiki

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