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News 1: Introduction

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Newsletter of the Learning Circle EFS/Cunina   

Phase 2: Introduction
Week 1: January 9th - 15th
(Posting Teacher and Class Introductions and photos)
Dear Learning Circle Participants,
Finally we start, so this week marks the official beginning of the Learning Circle Eco Friendly Schools by GTP/Cunina. We welcome all teachers and students in this Learning Circle. During this week you as LC participants are kindly requested to introduce yourselves to your fellow LC partners.
Newsletter Content
  • agenda for the week
  • important information
  • quick links
Agenda for the week
The agenda for the week is to post your introductions in the wiki on your personal class page
Please introduce yourselves by composing and posting your Teacher and Class introductions and photos. The main purpose of these postings is to know each other. Be creative and tell us about your country, community, school, yourself and your class and add some nice photos or clips. Remember that the teacher and class introductions are two separate elements on your page as we would like to learn you really well.  
As tradition requires, the facilitator introduces herself to the LC participants. Please follow this link to read your facilitator's introduction.
Important Information
Ranking Methodology for the Learning Circle  At the end of each Learning Circle we rank your class's contributions with the following criteria:

GTP table ranking 3

So sticking to the dates and deadlines of the Circle as mentioned in the timeline is really valued by us and your fellow LC-learners.For now have fun and surprise us with some amazing introduction work :-) Many greetings, Elke, Ria and Bob 
Quick Links
Global Teenager Project Website

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