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News 4: Research and Answers

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Newsletter of the Learning Circle EFS/Cunina   

Phase 4: Research
Week 4: January 30th - February 5th
(Researching, providing and posting the answers)
Dear All,
Greetings and welcome to phase 4 (Research Answers) of the Learning Circle. This phase will last
5 weeks during which you will research and post the answers to the questions posted by your Learning Circle partners.  We kindly ask you to help your students plan their work and post the research answers gradually.    
.Update of the Learning Circle
Well done! We are glad to see that most of you formulated good questions and that you posted them on time. The overview will be updated tomorrow
Please note that some questions will be reviewed and fine tuned over the next 2-3 days' as all questions relate to Eco Friendly, yet not all questions relaten to Eco Friendly Schools.
We will make suggestions in the wiki tomorrow.
Agenda for the week
We are at the beginning of the Research Answers phase. Your classes are now going to research and respond  to ALL the questions posted by their Learning Circle partners. To make the Learning Circle process interesting, it will be ideal to share responsibilities in your class. We advise you to divide the work amongst your students in such a way that you answer some questions on a weekly basis.  It is important to include photos, diagrams, movies, or other materials illustrating your research.

This process will take 5 weeks to complete. Remember that your Learning Circle partners are expecting to find responses to their questions in the Wiki pages to enable them to prepare their summaries on time. 
Important Information
Criteria for quality answers: 
  • should be posted on time
  • clear definition without possible misinterpretation, taking into consideration cultural differences
  • the answer always starts with repeating the question.
  • answers should reflect that research has been done and should consist of clear references, mention (re)sources used showing research that has been done
  • post photos, diagrams, tables, presentations or others which can illustrate you research
  • the minimum number of words should be for a Research based  LC - 250 words in one answer
Please remember the steps of posting text information in the Wiki space
Step 1: compose your question in your word processor E.g MS Word.
Step 2: Copy the question to Notepad
Step 3: Click on the "Edit" button above and paste your question in your class space
Step 4: Click on the "Save" button to save your work
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Global Teenager Project Website
Cunina Website

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