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News 11: Goodbye,

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The Global Teenager Project
Newsletter of the Learning Circle EFS/Cunina

 Phase 6: Closing

Week 11: 19 - 25 March 2012
Dear Friends,
We have come to the end of the January - March 2012 Pilot Learning Circle "Eco Friendly Schools: after a very productive and engaging  learning process. We as Cunina and GTP are really pleased with your commitment and the LC outcome and hope that you will use this week to post your thank you messages in the wiki.   
Update of the Learning Circle

The update of the Learning Circles as of March 18th  is posted. Thank you to all the participants who posted their summaries. We realize that for students in the Philippines Summer holidays have already started, so the posting of the goodbye messages might take a bit more time.

  • EFS 1: KA Erasmus - ths for sharing your findings on paper friendly! Good concrete options to DO
  • EFS 2: Sint-Aloysiusinstituut - we're still curious to hear about your water findings!
  • EFS 3: St Mary's University, Class 1 - please post, we are very curious about your findings
  • EFS 4: St Mary's University, Class 2 - thanks for informing us on importance of trees!
  • EFS 5: St Theresa's College, Class 1 - thanks for nicely compiling our opinions on nature
  • EFS 6: St Theresa's College, Class 2 - so right.. yes environmental problems cross borders, thanks!
  • EFS 7: St Theresa's College, Class 3 - and right again, in simple ways we can do more to protect, thanks!
  • EFS 8: CSG Noordik - Someting awesome must be cooking in Almelo.. please post :-)
  • EFS 9: Maerlant College - Brielle - whooh, even made a summary of all questions, hard work in Brielle. the amount of garbage produced strengthens focussing on the first R (Reduce!!)
  • EFS 10: Sint-Aloysiusinstituut 2 - nice to bring it back to conclude that preserving environment OR improving standard of living depends on being rich or poor as a country as well.
Agenda for the week
It is time to say goodbye and evaluate the work completed.
Please post your creative good-bye messages on the "Good-bye" page,
Survey: your opinion matters. We kindly ask teachers and students to complete the survey. (each teacher and at least 5 students). The evaluation results will help the project coordinators and country coordinators to assess the successes, challenges and the way forward of subsequent Learning Circles. Link to the English survey.

Facilitator's Goodbye Message
I would like to thank teachers for working with their students throughout the 11 week period.
To your students we say well done! We are proud of you!

EFS Closing Event
On April 20th 2012 the Maerlant College in Brielle will host a EFS LC closing event. Over 100 students and teachers from Belgium and Holland will meet from 10:30 - 15:30 to get to know each other better, present lessons learnt and celebrate our successful collaboration.
Of course we would love participants from the Philippines to be present as well via videoconference during our closing event. We will contact the coordinators in Bayombong and Cebu about testing lines as soon as possible.

Be creative in your goodbyes.. maybe the new Cool Tools wiki brings you some ideas?
Greetings Elke, Ria and Bob
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